2015 Winners

California Safe Soil

CSS provides a unique full-cycle process that will assist our supermarket customers to recycle their organics, improve store hygiene, and reduce costs, in addition to helping our agricultural customers save money, increase crop yield, and reduce nitrate runoff. We are committed to produce a safe, low cost, high volume, and high quality liquid fertilizer product, Harvest-to-Harvest™. As a result, we will greatly improve our air, water, and soil environment, while employing safe, efficient, and effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers.


Nuritas is revolutionizing global health and well-being by using artificial intelligence and big data to discover and unlock nature’s hidden, health-benefiting ingredients from food and food by-products.

2015 Finalists


GeoVisual is focused on big data analytics to improve and predict crop health and yield for producers and commodity markets. As high resolution satellite imagery becomes more frequent and affordable and drone imaging gains widespread adoption, the fusion of these technologies with ground-based observations will enable major advances in precision monitoring and interventions for better cropland management and improved harvests. We are exploiting advances in cloud-based computing, machine learning, and these emerging remote sensing capabilities.


Green Onyx

We use cutting edge technology to deliver “Just Picked” fresh organic produce at the press of a button. Our in-doors system grows the world’s most fascinating supper veggie named Khai-Nam, using a fully automated, natural and safe process.


Harvest Automation

Harvest Automation is a material handling company headquartered outside Boston, Massachusetts - an area known for robotics innovation. Our team members are industry recognized leaders in robotics and new product development with a track record of developing cutting-edge technology products and successfully bringing them to market. Our robots operate safely and efficiently in teams with human workers - a dramatic innovation in the world of manual labor.


Innovative Green

Our Mission: To introduce innovative, proprietary, green technologies that are sustainable and financially viable for our customers while providing economic benefits for our shareholders and partners and environmental benefits for our planet.


Inteligistics, Inc

Inteligistics is a provider of innovative cool chain and supply chain visibility solutions for the fresh produce, military, and LTL/package markets. Leveraging Machine to Machine (M2M) low power, portable and wireless sensors and/or passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, our InteliView solutions fully integrate cloud based communications gateways, patented portable readers and controllers. Insightful and actionable information and alerts provided via a graphics dashboard and data analytics platform deliver high value improvements to cool chain and supply chain performance, productivity and quality. This allows our customers and partners to focus on process improvements, decreased power usage, increased product though put, more efficient labor costs, and improved inventory levels. Let Inteligistics provide the same for your company.


Lotpath, Inc

Lotpath is creating a smarter food supply, one app at a time. From our headquarters in Fresno, California we create software for all aspects of food production and distribution. Lotpath Quality is the web and mobile app for capturing produce inspection data and photos. Lotpath Harvest is the web and mobile app for crop estimates and harvest scheduling.


mOasis, Inc

At mOasis, we specialize in innovative crop science to address current challenges to irrigated agriculture. Using proprietary chemistry, we manufacture BountiGel™ a non­‐toxic, next-generation soil additive called an Aquamer™ that allows growers to optimize the usage of water in agricultural soil. Proven on a wide variety of crops, growers who add BountiGel to the soil can enjoy improved yields and can reduce water usage. BountiGel is available in a number of forms for different applications.


Urban Farmers, AG

Rooftop farms provide a new experience by revolutionizing fresh. When food is grown directly on your roof, just a few steps away, you will see, smell, and taste the difference. What’s more, rooftop farms enable enterprises to monetize their currently vacant real estate assets, and reduce their environmental impact.