THRIVE III 2016 Cohort


Trace Genomics

Trace Genomics delivers a first of its kind soil-borne microbe diagnostic test, providing a full stack laboratory, bioinformatics and data analytics offering that covers strain-specific identification and simultaneous detection of disease-causing and beneficial fungi, viruses, bacteria, and nematodes - all with one test. Trace Genomics is revolutionizing the multi-billion dollar diagnostics industry by helping large food producers to detect pathogens and beneficial microbes and anticipate crop disease - providing runway to growers to proactively manage disease and increase crop yield. Read more.



MagGrow has developed a pioneering, patented magnetic spraying system for the horticulture & arable sectors of the agricultural industry. MagGrow's technology mitigates spray drift by over 80 percent while maintaining superior coverage during conventional agriculture applications. The superior drift control that is provided by MagGrow means that less pesticide inputs are needed while coverage and efficacy is maintained or enhanced. In addition, MagGrow has shown significant reduction in spray drift, reduction in water usage, increase in crop yield, and reduced labor input due to fewer changeovers of the sprayer, and less Waste and environmental contamination. Read more.



GeoVisual is focused on big data analytics to improve and predict crop health and yield for producers and commodity markets. As high resolution satellite imagery becomes more frequent and affordable and drone imaging gains widespread adoption, the fusion of these technologies with ground-based observations will enable major advances in precision monitoring and interventions for better cropland management and improved harvests. We are exploiting advances in cloud-based computing, machine learning, and these emerging remote sensing capabilities. Read more.


Agribody Technologies

Agribody Technologies is an agricultural biotechnology company with patented genetic technology that is proven to significantly improve crop yields, enhance product shelf life, reduce plant disease, and increase tolerance to low nutrients/water and extreme weather. Read more.


Acuity Agriculture

Using intuitive soil sensors, Acuity Agriculture helps growers monitor their field conditions in real-time.  Historically, yield maximization has been the primary driver of agricultural decision-making, but as costs associated with production rise, resource efficiency is of increasing concern to growers. Real-time access to soil metrics, including moisture, salinity, and temperature, empowers farmers to take prompt corrective action if conditions are suboptimal. Read more.



Edyn is a precision agriculture firm that helps large scale farms, urban gardeners and hobbyists to improve yield and efficiency using the world’s only native iOS/Android apps and largest crowdsourced database of commodity and hobby crops.  Designed by Jawbone Jambox’s founder Yves Behar, the Edyn hardware/software platform have been sold to 12,000 customers at Home Depot stores across the U.S. Read more.


Inteligistics, Inc

Inteligistics is the provider of wireless temperature visibility solutions for the food industry, bringing together technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, advance communications, sensors, RFID and cloud based software. These solutions improve quality, freshness and shelf life of food, enable traceability and regulatory compliance (e.g. Food Safety Modernization Act) and manage and minimize food waste. Read more.



AGVOICE is designed to fill a critical gap in agriculture today; that is, that professionals in the industry do not have a hands-free, eyes-free enabled solution to assist them throughout their work day. These workers are relegated to using clipboards, traditional note pads or touchscreen devices to record their insights. AGVOICE works by digitizing and closing the entire crop production and compliance supply chain, demonstrating a 20 percent increase in productivity. Read more.


Food Origins

Food Origins provides IOT devices to companies that utilize labor to hand harvest fruits and produce. Food Origins provides unique labels that can be pre-applied to packaging, enabling employees to scan these bar codes in the field registering the location, package, and employee ID. This data is passed via the cloud to provide information regarding the progress of the harvest, the density of the production in the field, and the velocity of the harvest. Through this unique system, farmers and marketers have access to logistical data to ensure they have sufficient crew to complete the harvest and market for the sale of the product. Read more.



It is predicted that food production will need to double by 2030 order to keep up with our growing world population and expanding middle class. Agricultural has to meet this challenge at a time when natural resources are becoming more scarce, new farm land is in rapid decline, and the climate is increasingly unpredictable. Food production in greenhouses is more efficient and can be done in any climate. Because of this, Soliculture sees surging growth the greenhouse industry, with a 14% increasing in greenhouse area worldwide from 2014-2015. Soliculture’s lumo panels can support the greenhouse industry by increasing profitability for growers. Read more.



Specright is a specification management company with a vision to leverage specification expertise and cloud technology to improve the way food travels from the field to the end consumer efficiently. Offering the industry a better way to create and manage those specs is paramount to the survival of the food product itself. specright’s mission is to empower customer efficiencies by providing an Intelligent Specification Management Platform that is available anytime, anywhere from any device. Read more.



Wheyhey’s mission is to combat global health epidemics by developing the world’s first high protein, sugar-free ice cream. Beginning its roots in the sports nutrition market,  Wheyhey has expanded to mainstream grocery and health and wellness populations to provide an ice cream that is all natural, low carbohydrate, low sugar, protein rich and gluten free. Read more.