Each THRIVE company will be matched with a mentor to help them develop their business, hone their marketing and sales approach; 
and make connections in the industry.  


These mentors, drawn from the top ranks of the agricultural, technology, and business sectors, assist the THRIVE companies for the 8-week acceleration process.


Dennis Donohue
President, Royal Rose Raddichio

Hank Giclas
SVP, Science, Technology & Strategic Planning, Western Growers Association

Ken Coleman
CEO, MedScreens

Luis Alvarez
President, CEO of Alvarez Technology Group, Inc.

Larry Cox
Chair, Western Growers Association, Coastline Family Farms

Prof. Brad Barbeau
Executive Director Institute for Innovation and Economic Development, California State University, Monterey Bay

Julie Morris
Director of Technology Innovation, World Food Center, University of California, Davis

Marion Rittler
GVP and Head of Enablement, Digital Enterprise Platform Group, SAP

John Hartnett
Chief Executive Officer, SVG Partners

Chris Boody
Chief Technology Officer, SVG Partners

Alberto Acito
Managing Partner, SVG Partners

Richard Irving
Managing Partner, SVG Partners