THRIVE IV 2018 Cohort



Headquartered: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Agronow is a technology-based company working in agricultural yields mapping and forecasting. It combines decades of satellite imagery with proprietary yield mapping algorithms, agronomic indexes, artificial intelligence and augmented reality in order to provide crucial intelligence related to risk/credit scoring and monitoring, qualified lead generation, and farm management for banks, insurance companies, agricultural inputs conglomerates, cooperatives, agronomists, and growers. The methodology developed is directly connected to the FoodTech market as it was born as a tool that increases yield or reduces inputs by enhancing the information base of any field in the world using remote sensing and field data. It can monitor the development of productive areas and the commercial stage of the products, as well as provide analysis of potential markets.



Headquartered: Chicago, IL 

Aker is a Midwest-based startup accelerating the adoption of precision farming around the globe. To date, the company has developed patented sensors, software and service solutions for detecting pests, diseases and fertility issues inside the canopy of crop fields of at least 80 acres of tillable land, on a global basis. The company’s approach combines aerial images, biometrics with environmental analysis for farm retailers, chemical suppliers and agronomists to help growers use chemicals more efficiently, as well as find spots to improve drainage and identify crop-smothering weeds.


Augean Robotics (AGR)

Headquartered: Philadelphia, PA

AGR develops labor-saving robots for farmers. The company’s product, Burro, is a robotic cart that follows pickers like a dog, and can run back down a row to be emptied at a collection point. With Burro, hand-pickers can pick continuously, no longer wasting upwards of 30% of their time running picked produce from pick point to collection point. The Burro has a 26-inch by 48-inch chassis and comes with a two-wheel and a four-wheel drive option. The two-wheel Burro can carry 300 pounds and the four-wheel drive up to 450 pounds. Burros are powered by sealed lead acid batteries, have a top speed of five miles per hour, and can travel up to 15 miles on a charge.

boost biomes.png

Boost Biomes

Headquartered: San Francisco, CA

Boost Biomes is a microbiome company focused on harnessing the power of microbiomes which play a critical role in areas ranging from agriculture to human and animal health. Boost Biomes believes that harnessing their potential will be imperative to a future of sustainability on a fixed planet. The company has a proprietary discovery platform that uses high-throughput sequencing, selective enrichment and advanced informatics to identify microbial products with important commercial roles. This approach is faster and less expensive than traditional approaches and uniquely identifies multi-microbial products which are often more effective than single microbe products.



Headquartered: Los Altos, CA

Intrinsyx is a company commercializing 20+ years of peer-reviewed plant microbiome research from a leading academic lab at University of Washington, as well as additional research from NASA. The product is a specialized microbe that has proven to fix nitrogen aerobically throughout the inside of plants as well as improve yield, N and P efficiency, and abiotic & biotic stress tolerance.



Headquartered: Delaware

Napigen is addressing unmet needs of future food supplies by creating hybrid crop plants to boost yields to unprecedented levels. The company’s hybridization technology allows the production of non-GM hybrid seeds in crop plants that are currently mostly non-hybrid such as wheat- a market which has a potential value of US$20B in the world agriculture market alone.  Napigen’s technology creates robust male sterile lines, so-called CMS lines, by editing mitochondrial genomes. These lines are ideal over conventional male sterile lines because of their stability and elite backgrounds. They are also non-GM equivalent, produced without Agrobacterium transformation. The hybrid seed produced by the company’s solution is expected to fulfill the highest level of public acceptance, which is highly critical for the future of agriculture to support food supplies in the world.


Orbis MES Ltd.

Headquartered: Dublin, Ireland

Orbis MES Ltd. is a software and systems integration company based in Dublin, Ireland, established in 2011 to provide Smart Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to the global food and beverage industry. Orbis MES focuses specifically on dairy, brewing and distilling in order to drive performance and production outcomes. Orbis OPSTM solution- which has built up a blue-chip customer base including Dean Foods and Dairy Farmers of America- provides manufacturers with operations and performance management functionality to effectively plan, schedule, execute, track, analyze, report and improve production processes. The Orbis OPSTM Solution provides a data-hub and associated analytics to the enterprise which is central to the evolution of food and beverage to industrial internet of things (IIOT).


Persistence Data Mining

Headquartered: Mount Auburn, IL

Famers currently rely on soil sampling to make decisions which affect 32% of their input costs. Through the use of remote sensors, Persistence Data Mining’s patent pending process and proprietary algorithms are able to collect more data sets per acre to refine the fertilizer prescriptions maps faster, easier and at a lower cost than traditional methods. The company’s vision is to support fertilizer efficiency that helps farmers increase crop yields, optimize input costs, and protect the environment with its product SMARTSOILTM.



Headquartered: Brookyln, NY

Re-Nuble uses an inexpensive, patent pending process to transform food waste into chemical free, organic nutrients for both soil based and hydroponic cultivation. The company is focused on the commercialization of technologies that optimize plant nutrition sourced from food waste. The company’s unique advantage is that it reclaims raw materials needs from food waste and recreates standard chemical fertilizer products at locations closer to the farmers it sources and supplies to.

THRIVE III 2017 Cohort



Headquartered: Princeton, New Jersey

Specialty crops require precision water application, nutrient management, growing degree days, night time chilling hours, narrow harvesting windows, fluctuating post-processing needs and costs, and a limited time frame to transport and sell. Without insight at the very beginning of the chain, errors throughout the process become magnified and exponentially more expensive. Arable’s innovative hardware combines a traditional weather station with a six-band spectrometer and acoustic disdrometer to deliver 40 data streams relevant to crop growth and yield forecasting. Its software synthesizes this information to the entire supply chain with data points needed to predict quality, timing and yield of different crops.



Headquartered: Campinas, Brazil

Irrigation consumes almost 70 percent of Brazil’s fresh water and almost half is wasted because farmers lack knowledge of when to irrigate and how much water to use. In order to improve productivity and optimize the use of resources in agriculture, Agrosmart connects farmers to a management system that monitors irrigation and other farming decisions with sensors, satellite imaging and weather forecast. Agrosmart’s renting model includes hardware, maintenance and software for an annual fee of ~$20K with a ~3.5x ROI for the farmer in the first season.



Headquartered: Santa Clara, California

Ag businesses do not have access to high frequency data from the diversified farms with whom they do business. This information gap leads to suboptimal decisions based on manual, outdated information and limits client growth. AgShift closes the information gap with an end-to-end platform that combines machine learning, image processing, the internet of things and mobile technology. The solution enables ag financial institutions (banks, insurance), ag buyers (retailers, food chains, packers) and ag suppliers (seeds, fertilizers and equipment providers) to make more impactful commerce decisions. 



Headquartered: San Francisco, CA

FarmWise aims at resolving one of the most pressing issues in agriculture: reconciling productivity and sustainability by building autonomous mobile robots that automatically remove weeds in the field. FarmWise’s product is an all-inclusive service that entirely removes the hurdle for farmers who utilize a crew or need to buy, learn and use complicated machines. FarmWise technicians drive to a farm, set-up and monitor the autonomous machines, and deliver a high-quality, cost-effective weeding service in the field.


EZ Lab

Headquartered: Podavo, Italy

Agrifood industries manage too much information and use too much time to do it. EZ-Lab is a digital hub that manages, certifies and shares agri-information, thus integrating every type of data coming from a company’s information system, with the purpose of eliminating the operation of data insertion by farms and the whole agribusiness production chain. In doing so, EZ-Lab solves the problem of acquiring and organizing information needed for quality certification and traceability.


Farm Dog

Headquartered: Tel Aviv, Israel

Farm Dog provides a management solution for data, labor and inputs. Via an in-field application and web dashboard, all supported by data analytics, users of all devices (Android/iOS, phone/tablet) access Farm Dog (offline or online) and utilize its standardized yet customizable observation forms.  Multiple field checks, geo-referencing, route and time tracking, photos, and real-time reporting are all supported. The dashboard provides field management and data analytics, including treatment efficacy analysis while machine learning provides outbreak and scouting alerts.


Microgen Biotech

Headquartered: Carlow, Ireland

A large amount of agricultural land that is stressed and polluted is still utilized for food production, especially in developing countries, impacting food safety and crop production. MicroGen Biotech applies constructed functional microbiome technology to increase crop yield and health while protecting food safety by remediating pollutants and improving soil fertility. Microgen has developed a fast and efficient technology which allows identification of functional microbes in 4 months, as compared to years. 


Tortuga AgTech

Headquartered: Denver, Colorado 

Tortuga’s fully automated greenhouse production system improves freshness, shortens the supply chain, and enables better genetics, while reducing chemical and water use. Tortuga AgTech integrates labor-reducing robotics and automation, advanced sensing technologies, computational imaging, and a soilless grow system to grow specialty crops in geographically distributed locations, dramatically reducing shipping times and distances, minimizing wastage, and eliminating methyl bromide and other chemicals from the grow-process. 

uav iq.png


Headquartered: Los Angeles, California

There is a knowledge gap between professional drone operators using remote sensing technology and the Ag industry. Drone operators know how to collect data, but do not know how to present useful information and tools that fits into existing Ag industry workflows. UAV-IQ has expertise on both sides of the gap and bridges it by offering drone operators globally available cloud processing and delivers to their Ag clients intuitive visual and statistical information via proprietary, user friendly mobile enterprise software designed for their collaborative workflows. 


3-Bar Biologics

HeadquartersColumbus, Ohio

3Bar Biologics Inc. was founded with a belief that current microbial products in the agriculture market are suboptimal for the growers using them. In response, 3Bar introduces a patent pending inoculant system in a disposable bioreactor that is easily activated by the farmer. On-site growth of beneficial microbes short-cuts the conventional supply chain, resulting in less waste, lower production costs, and the delivery of more viable microbes directly to the grower. 


THRIVE III 2016 Cohort


Trace Genomics

Trace Genomics delivers a first of its kind soil-borne microbe diagnostic test, providing a full stack laboratory, bioinformatics and data analytics offering that covers strain-specific identification and simultaneous detection of disease-causing and beneficial fungi, viruses, bacteria, and nematodes - all with one test. Trace Genomics is revolutionizing the multi-billion dollar diagnostics industry by helping large food producers to detect pathogens and beneficial microbes and anticipate crop disease - providing runway to growers to proactively manage disease and increase crop yield. Read more.



MagGrow has developed a pioneering, patented magnetic spraying system for the horticulture & arable sectors of the agricultural industry. MagGrow's technology mitigates spray drift by over 80 percent while maintaining superior coverage during conventional agriculture applications. The superior drift control that is provided by MagGrow means that less pesticide inputs are needed while coverage and efficacy is maintained or enhanced. In addition, MagGrow has shown significant reduction in spray drift, reduction in water usage, increase in crop yield, and reduced labor input due to fewer changeovers of the sprayer, and less Waste and environmental contamination. Read more.



GeoVisual is focused on big data analytics to improve and predict crop health and yield for producers and commodity markets. As high resolution satellite imagery becomes more frequent and affordable and drone imaging gains widespread adoption, the fusion of these technologies with ground-based observations will enable major advances in precision monitoring and interventions for better cropland management and improved harvests. We are exploiting advances in cloud-based computing, machine learning, and these emerging remote sensing capabilities. Read more.


Agribody Technologies

Agribody Technologies is an agricultural biotechnology company with patented genetic technology that is proven to significantly improve crop yields, enhance product shelf life, reduce plant disease, and increase tolerance to low nutrients/water and extreme weather. Read more.


Acuity Agriculture

Using intuitive soil sensors, Acuity Agriculture helps growers monitor their field conditions in real-time.  Historically, yield maximization has been the primary driver of agricultural decision-making, but as costs associated with production rise, resource efficiency is of increasing concern to growers. Real-time access to soil metrics, including moisture, salinity, and temperature, empowers farmers to take prompt corrective action if conditions are suboptimal. Read more.



Edyn is a precision agriculture firm that helps large scale farms, urban gardeners and hobbyists to improve yield and efficiency using the world’s only native iOS/Android apps and largest crowdsourced database of commodity and hobby crops.  Designed by Jawbone Jambox’s founder Yves Behar, the Edyn hardware/software platform have been sold to 12,000 customers at Home Depot stores across the U.S. Read more.


Inteligistics, Inc

Inteligistics is the provider of wireless temperature visibility solutions for the food industry, bringing together technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, advance communications, sensors, RFID and cloud based software. These solutions improve quality, freshness and shelf life of food, enable traceability and regulatory compliance (e.g. Food Safety Modernization Act) and manage and minimize food waste. Read more.



AGVOICE is designed to fill a critical gap in agriculture today; that is, that professionals in the industry do not have a hands-free, eyes-free enabled solution to assist them throughout their work day. These workers are relegated to using clipboards, traditional note pads or touchscreen devices to record their insights. AGVOICE works by digitizing and closing the entire crop production and compliance supply chain, demonstrating a 20 percent increase in productivity. Read more.


Food Origins

Food Origins provides IOT devices to companies that utilize labor to hand harvest fruits and produce. Food Origins provides unique labels that can be pre-applied to packaging, enabling employees to scan these bar codes in the field registering the location, package, and employee ID. This data is passed via the cloud to provide information regarding the progress of the harvest, the density of the production in the field, and the velocity of the harvest. Through this unique system, farmers and marketers have access to logistical data to ensure they have sufficient crew to complete the harvest and market for the sale of the product. Read more.



It is predicted that food production will need to double by 2030 order to keep up with our growing world population and expanding middle class. Agricultural has to meet this challenge at a time when natural resources are becoming more scarce, new farm land is in rapid decline, and the climate is increasingly unpredictable. Food production in greenhouses is more efficient and can be done in any climate. Because of this, Soliculture sees surging growth the greenhouse industry, with a 14% increasing in greenhouse area worldwide from 2014-2015. Soliculture’s lumo panels can support the greenhouse industry by increasing profitability for growers. Read more.



Specright is a specification management company with a vision to leverage specification expertise and cloud technology to improve the way food travels from the field to the end consumer efficiently. Offering the industry a better way to create and manage those specs is paramount to the survival of the food product itself. specright’s mission is to empower customer efficiencies by providing an Intelligent Specification Management Platform that is available anytime, anywhere from any device. Read more.



Wheyhey’s mission is to combat global health epidemics by developing the world’s first high protein, sugar-free ice cream. Beginning its roots in the sports nutrition market,  Wheyhey has expanded to mainstream grocery and health and wellness populations to provide an ice cream that is all natural, low carbohydrate, low sugar, protein rich and gluten free. Read more.

2015 Winners

California Safe Soil

CSS provides a unique full-cycle process that will assist our supermarket customers to recycle their organics, improve store hygiene, and reduce costs, in addition to helping our agricultural customers save money, increase crop yield, and reduce nitrate runoff. We are committed to produce a safe, low cost, high volume, and high quality liquid fertilizer product, Harvest-to-Harvest™. As a result, we will greatly improve our air, water, and soil environment, while employing safe, efficient, and effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers.


Nuritas is revolutionizing global health and well-being by using artificial intelligence and big data to discover and unlock nature’s hidden, health-benefiting ingredients from food and food by-products.

2015 Finalists


GeoVisual is focused on big data analytics to improve and predict crop health and yield for producers and commodity markets. As high resolution satellite imagery becomes more frequent and affordable and drone imaging gains widespread adoption, the fusion of these technologies with ground-based observations will enable major advances in precision monitoring and interventions for better cropland management and improved harvests. We are exploiting advances in cloud-based computing, machine learning, and these emerging remote sensing capabilities.


Green Onyx

We use cutting edge technology to deliver “Just Picked” fresh organic produce at the press of a button. Our in-doors system grows the world’s most fascinating supper veggie named Khai-Nam, using a fully automated, natural and safe process.


Harvest Automation

Harvest Automation is a material handling company headquartered outside Boston, Massachusetts - an area known for robotics innovation. Our team members are industry recognized leaders in robotics and new product development with a track record of developing cutting-edge technology products and successfully bringing them to market. Our robots operate safely and efficiently in teams with human workers - a dramatic innovation in the world of manual labor.


Innovative Green

Our Mission: To introduce innovative, proprietary, green technologies that are sustainable and financially viable for our customers while providing economic benefits for our shareholders and partners and environmental benefits for our planet.


Inteligistics, Inc

Inteligistics is a provider of innovative cool chain and supply chain visibility solutions for the fresh produce, military, and LTL/package markets. Leveraging Machine to Machine (M2M) low power, portable and wireless sensors and/or passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, our InteliView solutions fully integrate cloud based communications gateways, patented portable readers and controllers. Insightful and actionable information and alerts provided via a graphics dashboard and data analytics platform deliver high value improvements to cool chain and supply chain performance, productivity and quality. This allows our customers and partners to focus on process improvements, decreased power usage, increased product though put, more efficient labor costs, and improved inventory levels. Let Inteligistics provide the same for your company.


Lotpath, Inc

Lotpath is creating a smarter food supply, one app at a time. From our headquarters in Fresno, California we create software for all aspects of food production and distribution. Lotpath Quality is the web and mobile app for capturing produce inspection data and photos. Lotpath Harvest is the web and mobile app for crop estimates and harvest scheduling.


mOasis, Inc

At mOasis, we specialize in innovative crop science to address current challenges to irrigated agriculture. Using proprietary chemistry, we manufacture BountiGel™ a non­‐toxic, next-generation soil additive called an Aquamer™ that allows growers to optimize the usage of water in agricultural soil. Proven on a wide variety of crops, growers who add BountiGel to the soil can enjoy improved yields and can reduce water usage. BountiGel is available in a number of forms for different applications.


Urban Farmers, AG

Rooftop farms provide a new experience by revolutionizing fresh. When food is grown directly on your roof, just a few steps away, you will see, smell, and taste the difference. What’s more, rooftop farms enable enterprises to monetize their currently vacant real estate assets, and reduce their environmental impact.