The urgent challenges of agriculture are clear: severely limited resources (arable land availability, water, labor shortages), a rapidly expanding population, and a burgeoning middle class. Producing more food with less resources necessitates a creative response that not only leverages innovative technologies but also explores and understands the challenges facing farmers and makes the implementation of new products and services seamless and remunerative.

THRIVE AgTech’s mission is to connect the expertise of tech companies to the on-the-ground knowledge of agricultural companies, the financial backing of investors, and the innovation of entrepreneurs. THRIVE is creating an ecosystem that brings these communities together in order to meet the global food demands of the future. The THRIVE programs targets two stages of startup companies: the very early stage to commercially ready. Seed stage startups accepted into theprogram go through an 8-week business accelerator that connects them top industry leader mentors and deployment opportunities with field test partners in the Salinas and Central Valleys. The THRIVE Open Innovation program works with corporate partners to help them identify and integrate available technologies that will make the biggest impact in their organization. Drawing on its extensive network, THRIVE AgTech is uniquely positioned to weave this ecosystem together to make sure that technologists, farmers, consumers, and corporates are connecting together to drive an technologically-driven, sustainable agriculture future. 

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