Agriculture Disease Breakthrough

THRIVE startup Trace Genomics is helping farmers diagnose and improve the health of the soil where they want to raise crops before it’s harvest time and too late to change course.

The startup developed a soil testing kit and “pathogen panel,” that tells the growers of high-value crops whether or not their soil has harmful bacteria or fungi in it.

Founded by Stanford phD graduates Diane Wu and Poornima Parameswaran in January 2015, Trace Genomics raised $4 million in venture funding in a round led by SVG Partners, Refactor Capital, Fall Line CapitalViking Global and Illumina.

By offering a genetic test for the soil microbiome, the pair's vision is to enable sustainable farming techniques and improved soil health that is necessary to feed the massively growing world population. Diane Wu, one of the founders of the company, talks to Aideen Sutton.

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