THRIVE and its growing ecosystem of partners are committed to identifying, connecting, and accelerating technologies with the potential for system-wide transformation. Launched out of the the Silicon and Salinas Valleys in 2014, the THRIVE Accelerator supports startups from all areas of the value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more efficiently operated, environmentally minded, and accessible agriculture future.

Throughout the the program on an ongoing basis, companies will have one-on-one mentorship and engagement with top tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology, take advantage of field and value chain deployment opportunities, access investment opportunities, and incubation services. 



  • March 2018: Pitch Day for startup finalists: Virtual

  • Late March 2018: 10 Startup Companies Selected- Meet your cohort, mentors, and THRIVE program managers in Salinas, CA

  • April-May 2018: 8-week accelerator program: Virtual

  • June 2018: Demo Day at Forbes AgTech Summit: Salinas, CA

Eligible Startups Improving food & agriculture requires innovation at every stage of the supply chain. THRIVE AgTech looks for startups, pre-series A, with technologies focused in the following areas:

  • Precision agriculture 

  • Efficiencies in supply chain management, traceability and food safety

  • Crop & soil technologies (biotechnology)

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Robotics & Automation

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Accelerator Overview


THRIVE Accelerator is a mentorship & investment program for startups WITH TECHNOLOGIES focuSED in AgTech and FoodTech.


THRIVE applicants come from all over the globe. Selected companies benefit from a 10-week acceleration program that provides mentorship from top leaders across industries, direct access to the largest agriculture companies located in the Salinas and Central California growing regions, and seed stage investment.

THRIVE Accelerator provided invaluable connectivity at the highest levels of industry through ongoing face to face interactive opportunities. THRIVE and Salinas have been true rocket fuel to Nuritas.
— Dr Nora Khalid - CSO, Founder of Nuritas – THRIVE 2015 Innovation Award Winner




Startups are paired with two mentors focused in technology and horticulture. All mentors can be accessed at our mentor base.


Weekly webinars cover marketing, PR, IP, global expansion, and other fundamentals. Law firm Orrick provides legal counsel, a $20K value.


We invest a total of $100K in all of the startups accepted to the accelerator ($50K cash, $50K in program value).



During our larger and more intimate events, as well as on a case by case basis, we connect startups with our corporate partners interested in testing new technology.


Through our large network of agriculture and food partners and growers, we provide startups with opportunities to test their technologies on field. 


We provide ongoing marketing services to our accelerator companies, host the THRIVE Top 50 awards and honor 3 of our seed startups at the Forbes AgTech Summit.