Acuity Agriculture

Using intuitive soil sensors, Acuity Agriculture helps growers monitor their field conditions in real-time. 

Historically, yield maximization has been the primary driver of agricultural decision-making, but as costs associated with production rise, resource efficiency is of increasing concern to growers. Real-time access to soil metrics, including moisture, salinity, and temperature, empowers farmers to take prompt corrective action if conditions are suboptimal. Data-driven decision-making presents a sharp departure from the traditional use of conventional wisdom within the industry.

Though experience is invaluable in agriculture, even the most seasoned growers can be ill-equipped to manage fluctuating weather conditions, seasonal anomalies, and plant demands. With help from sensors, growers can allocate their resources more strategically, drive down production costs, and, over time, improve yield.

While other companies also offer soil sensor services, Acuity offers those same services and more at a fraction of the cost. In addition, purchased sensors are installed by an Acuity representative at no additional cost, and a flat monthly subscription fee includes customer support and device maintenance.

Farmers interested in purchasing sensors can expect a one-day, hassle-free installation which includes a 10-minute dashboard orientation. Soil data will be available instantly.