Agribody Technologies



Current success: impressive greenhouse studies on many crops, successful field trials of elite alfalfa with 20-45% yield increases, licenses to major seed companies.

Agribody Technologies is an agricultural biotechnology company with patented genetic technology that is proven to significantly improve crop yields, enhance product shelf life, reduce plant disease, and increase tolerance to low nutrients/water and extreme weather. 

Growers face growing demands for high-quality, low-cost food in the face of a burgeoning population, decrease in arable land and resources, and extreme weather events. Farmers and seed companies must prepare for these profound changes by substantially increasing the efficiency of food production and storage under normal and stressed conditions.

Using Agribody’s patent protected transgenic technology, farmers can grow a larger variety of crops with significantly higher yields using the same inputs. What sets Agribody apart is that it is the only field-demonstrated, broadly applicable technology that has proven to significantly improve crop yields.  The commercialization of genome editing in crop plants, requiring no governmental deregulation, is expected to yield significant and rapid revenues with no GM risks.  Founders and team members have combined >225 years of directly relevant experience in their specialty areas.

The company’s technology was validated in lab and greenhouse studies across multiple crop species.  During two years of replicated field trials, yield improvements of 20-45% were demonstrated in an elite alfalfa variety, while maintaining crop biomass quality.  The firm has acquired 16 issued U.S. patents with counterparts in 10 countries, and is prosecuting 5 US patent applications.