AGVOICE is designed to fill a critical gap in agriculture today; that is, that professionals in the industry do not have a hands-free, eyes-free enabled solution to assist them throughout their work day. These workers are relegated to using clipboards, traditional note pads or touchscreen devices to record their insights. As an example, a crop specialist will visit multiple farms per day and many times wait until he gets back to the truck or office/home at the end of the day to record insights relying upon memory and taking extra time and effort. With more general consumer demand for traceability back to the source, and increased federal and state compliance standards, AgVoice’s customer testing in the past 11 months has demonstrated consistent results: allowing agriculture professionals to capture information as it happens, increasing the accuracy of their existing insights and improves their efficiency.

Growing up on a farm himself, AGVOICE founder Bruce Rasa saw a superior service that his team could build from this market need. After tesying Google’s smart glasses as the first person with a focus in global agriculture and collecting feedback from extensive research and field interviews, he launched the AGVOICE software service anchored in the massive smartphone market.

AGVOICE works by digitizing and closing the entire crop production and compliance supply chain, demonstrating a 20 percent increase in productivity. The team envisions becoming the global standard for the agriculture sector by by leveraging its agriculture industry, software innovation, user experience design, and product management and sales backgrounds and first mover advantage. Part of its roadmap strategy is building on its empirical customer discovery which shows that Ag Professionals can spend an average of 30 -40% of their time traveling between operations. As a result, AGVOICE is building a first of its kind software service that enables users to work safely in both walking & driving modes.