Magrow Global is a magnetic spraying technology that mitigates spray drift by over 80 percent while maintaining superior coverage during conventional agriculture applications.

The UN Food and Agriculture organization IPPC Secretariat estimates that 20 to 40 percent of our global crop is lost due to plant pests and diseases. Growers combat the reality of pests, which include biological organism, including weeds, pathogens, and arthropods by spraying herbicide, fungicides and insecticide to mitigate damage to crops, in order to improve quality and yield. An unintended consequence of spraying is spray drift, which occurs when application dust or droplets move through the air or soil to an unintended site. Nearby communities, adjacent crop fields, plants, water supply or and other bodies of water are all impacted by spray application.

All living plants and soil have a magnetic field, so when MagGrow’s technology attaches magnetic inserts into a spraying nozzle, an electromagnetic charge is infused into the liquid spray, resulting in targeted attraction and adhesion to the plant. The superior drift control that is provided by MagGrow means that less pesticide inputs are needed while coverage and efficacy is maintained or enhanced. In addition, MagGrow has shown significant reduction in spray drift, reduction in water usage, increase in crop yield, and reduced labor input due to fewer changeovers of the sprayer, and less Waste and environmental contamination.

Founded in 2013, the Irish MagGrow tested its prototype sprayers with leading agricultural research institutes Wageningen University & Proeftuin Zwaagdijk (Netherlands). In 2015, the company successfully completed field studies on commercial farms in The Netherlands, Kenya & Ethiopia. Field trials with its partners demonstrate that the MagGrow spraying technology can reduce the amount of water that is needed to spray crops by 75% compared to conventional methods.

MagGrow operates in two distinct markets, tailoring its product lines to distinct growing practices of developing and developed markets. In developing countries, where the average farm size is only 1ha and spraying is mostly conducted using simple knapsack sprayers, MagGrow offers a turnkey range of backpack sprayers that allow smallholder farmers to reduce the water & chemical application rates by 80% when compared to conventional spraying methods. For developed markets where growers use specialized spraying equipment such as field boom sprayers and air blast sprayers, MagGrow’s product is sold in the form of a retrofit kit that can be easily installed onto all manufacturer sprayer types.