Trace Genomics

Trace Genomics is revolutionizing the multi-billion dollar diagnostics industry by helping large food producers to detect pathogens and beneficial microbes and anticipate crop disease - providing runway to growers to proactively manage disease and increase crop yield. Trace Genomics delivers a first of its kind soil-borne microbe diagnostic test, providing a full stack laboratory, bioinformatics and data analytics offering that covers strain-specific identification and simultaneous detection of disease-causing and beneficial fungi, viruses, bacteria, and nematodes - all with one test.

Trace Genomics’ platform technology detects a comprehensive panel of pathogens and beneficials, and delivers crop and farm-specific disease risk profiles in 2-3 weeks. By focusing primarily on pre-harvest testing of soil-borne diseases and soil biohealth, the solution can extend its offering add value towards later stages, such as identifying microbes that increase shelf life.Using Trace Genomics platform genomics and machine learning technology, food growers can build pathogen & disease risk maps of farms pre-leasing, or pre-planting in order to optimize farming decisions such as cultivar choice, soil treatments, and nutrient use. Advanced growers can use Trace’s machine learning platform to analyze and identify how microorganisms (both beneficial and pathogenic) are affected by different management conditions.

Soil-borne diseases are host-specific, and characterization of soil-borne pathogens requires a high level of strain-specificity. These challenges can only be solved using genomic technology, but sequencing and interpretation of genomic information is a highly technical process that requires intensive computational and laboratory tools. Trace Genomics’ interdisciplinary team of molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, engineers, and designers tackle these challenges by delivering complex insights in a simple, actionable report of top soil-borne diseases of economic concern, all within a few weeks.