Wellntel’s groundwater monitoring technology and insight  make groundwater visible and manageable.


Collaborative robots that perform non-invasive, no-herbicide weeding using thermal micro-dosing techniques.


Solid-state biosensor technology for food safety testing.


Insect pollination solution that curates fly behavior to increase pollination and ensure greater crop yields.


Leading edge solutions for grain quality and quantity data acquisition, management, connectivity & remote monitoring.


Precise irrigation optimization from a comprehensive sensor package

The Bee Corp

Predictive data analytics and infrared technology for beehives to monitor hive-health.

Alesca Life

Creates next-gen urban farming solutions (i.e. in shipping containers) using advanced software technology.

PrecisionHawk, Inc

PrecisionHawk is leading the global market in autonomous flight and in in-field technology (see your images immediately) that will change the approach to fields predicted to be impacted the most [...]