AutoAgronom is the world’s most advanced irrigation controller and the first controller ever to offer remote irrigation and fertilization management through our patent protected autonomous irrigation controller. AutoAgronom technology enable farmers to cut their water and fertilizers input by about 50% while increasing the yields by at least 5%. In addition,the use of the system contribute to carbon foot print reduction by minimizing soil, water and air pollution. The system is suitable for any climate, crop or growing medium. It was installed around the world in about 15 countires, and tested in over 70 different kind of crops. The company today offers full EPC/turn-key projects including a long term on-going management services in selected locations where distribution have been set up. We are constantly looking for new partners to establish new, local distribution companies. We do not yet have a distributor in the US. In addition, the company has a several R&D products in the pipeline, some of which would enable to expand our technology outreach to markets can’t access AutoAgronom advanced solutions.

Most Recent Projects