Edyn develops smart soil moistures sensors and irrigation controllers to help farms and gardens thrive. The devices are designed by Yves
Behar, the creator of the Jawbone Jambox and are sold across the US in Home Depot Stores. Inserted into the soil, the Edyn Sensor monitors
soil moisture, temperature, humidity, light and nutrition. The device is solar-powered, and sends data wirelessly to the cloud. Using the Edyn
app (available on iOS and Android), growers can remotely check in on the health of their crops and soil from anywhere in the world. When
water or fertilizer is necessary, Edyn users receive a push notification to attend to their crops. The Edyn app can also recommend seeds and
fertilizer that are well-suited to the user’s location, and provides easy links to purchase these items online. The Edyn Water Valve is a smart
irrigation controller. When paired with the sensor, the water valve dispenses the precise amount of water that the user’s plants need at any
given time. Together, the Edyn Water Valve and Sensor can save a user 40% on their monthly water bill.

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