Completely autonomous flights in support of crop optimization.,2. Remote programming of flight operations. 3. Comprehensive IIoT analytics provider to end users. The current dronebox completely overcomes the shortcomings of the first design iteration, enables multiple collaborative drones (or multi-sensor drones) per box capability, drone delivery, and much more.The more exciting part is the software side, since we now have a cloud-based solution that can be installed anywhere, and controlled from anywhere with multiple applications coming about, in multiple categories. We are now quite busy building a marketplace that will enable Software as a service and Drones as a service – which is a very new concept. Essentially, as an operator you can contract the end-use software for say 1-2 or 5 years, we install and service the dronebox. Once installed, you will be given access to a marketplace of specific services that you can add to your contract, depending on the application. Such services will come with special software and sensor packages. We have just struck a partnership in Japan that will start building our first 5 apps inclusive of 3D mapping. Such apps will include volcano monitoring, power line inspection, and crop management among others just to give an overview of possibilities.

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