LumiGrow is a disruptive horticultural LED hardware and cloud-based software lighting solution enabling growers to control and manage efficiency, yield, and plant characteristics. LumiGrow lighting solutions serve the agriculture industry by enabling growers with myriad functions that have resounding impact. It’s through this robust functionality along with our industry-leading research team that we’re able to impact the agriculture industry in the following profound ways: (1) LumiGrow fixtures offer the ability to adjust ratios of spectral wavelengths to affect morphology, flavor, nutrition, color, fundamental plant characteristics, and to prevent plant pests and diseases. Our in-house Plant Science Research Team has been advancing the world’s understanding of what’s capable using different spectral ratios during various stages of plant growth. By partnering with major research institutions and commercial growers, we’ve uncovered what we believe to be only a small fraction of the ways our lights can affect various crops`. Some specific uses of spectral control using LumiGrow fixtures that we’ve already discovered include: using specific light treatments in replacement of plant growth hormones (PGRs) to achieve similar resulting plant characteristics and to prevent disease, affect the speed of growth and flowering in various crops, create more compact crops resulting in reductions in transportation costs, boost terpene levels with known medicinal benefits in Cannabis, increase vibrancy of color for various crop types including leafy green varieties and floriculture, and achieve greater vertical uniformity in crop production due to targeted spectrum drilling deeper into the plant canopy. (2) Our cloud-based software control system offers growers and researchers the ability to more easily adjust and manage trials and set-up production up production schedules. By creating lighting zones and spectral regiments remotely and on-the-fly, we’ve enabled greenhouse and sole-source LED growers to set-up and adjust lighting plans more easily and quickly. Traditional horticultural lighting requires wiring to create lighting zones which takes time and costs money. Additionally our software offers a dashboard to track energy usage and can be applied to achieve maximum ROI by adjusting spectral output. Our cloud-based software enables growers to manage their lighting more efficiently than ever before. (3) Our energy-efficient LED solution uses 70% less energy than traditional lighting. Additionally, our LED fixtures have low ambient temperatures. The benefits of these hardware advancements are many. Our fixtures (which are eligible for rebates with many utilities) reduce the agriculture industry’s demand for energy, all while saving growers money. With the increasing energy-usage projections as Cannabis becomes legal in various regions of the United States, these energy savings could be dramatic to reducing the impact this legislation will have on our electrical grid.

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