n.io is a universal interoperability and artificial intelligence software platform that allows the farmer to integrate any hard or soft signal and apply logic for automation and control. The AgTech space is riddled with one-off or siloed solutions that each provide large amounts of data to the cloud and then require the farmer to make sense of it all. n.io is a single platform that allows the farmer to progressively integrate all existing infrastructure (valves, pumps, tractors, etc) with future investments (sensors, drones, imagery, etc.) for optimized decision making and autonomous control. All of this manifests in a very elegant, simple, and highly functional interface for the user on any device. The core n.io technology that enables this solution has a number of differentiators, including: Interoperability: any device, any signal, any command on the users terms. Embeddable: from chip to cloud and anywhere in between. Real-Time and Scalable: insights directly from device (edge) and unlimited scalability. Asynchronous: process heterogeneous signals for on demand actions/control. In-stream processing: no databases (cloud) required. All logic is applied within stream at the edge. Data networking efficiency: lightweight & efficient project architecture. n.ios edge processing capabilities free the project from high network dependency & data waste.

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