TerViva is developing a new class of agriculture crops that can be grown on sub-prime agriculture land with far fewer inputs. 1) TerViva is developing the worlds next great high-value crop technology, elite cultivars of pongamia. Pongamia is a leguminous perennial tree that produces an annual crop of oilseeds, which can be processed into three co-products: vegetable oil, plant protein, and biomass. The oilseed crop can be harvested and processed using existing orchard equipment and machinery. Among many merits, the tree grows sustainably, requiring a fraction of the water and N-fertilizer needed by soybeans while producing nearly 10 times the amount of vegetable oil per acre, and three times the amount of plant protein and biomass relative to soy. 2) TerVivas pongamia cultivar helps restore depleted soils and effectively captures carbon: pongamia is a hardy, leguminous tree, meaning that it fixes atmospheric nitrogen a key nutrient for plant growth to feed itself. In the process, pongamia replenishes soil nitrogen content, supporting the development of a robust soil ecosystem. Oilseeds are harvested from pongamia trees annually, but the tree is left in place to continue growing, capturing and fixing CO2 in the wood and roots. In addition to restoring the fertility of the soil, pongamias deep tap root, and lateral feeder roots stabilize soils, reduce erosion and makes the tree drought resistant.

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