Understory is deploying our weather stations in select markets to determine how micro-climates apply to seed germination. Understorys hyper-local weather data allows those in the agriculture industry to know the exact weather conditions in their crops. Our weather stations are maintenance free and are the only weather stations that gather ground-truth weather on temperature, wind, hail and hail damage. Farmers can be more agile when responding to weather conditions thus improving crop yields. Understory develops smart weather station micro-grids that collect tactical weather data and analytics for extreme weather events. Prospera is propelling agriculture growing practices towards greater autonomy, with protocols that optimize workforce, irrigation, fertilization and spraying. Growing practices will be measured more accurately, and growing campaigns will be more similar to todays advertising campaigns in terms of understanding ROI, bench-marking and optimization. This means that farmers who are accustomed to making decisions based on instinct will be able to look to data-based solutions to understand and optimize every aspect of their business, and deliver the maximum potential and freshest produce to the grocery store every harvest.

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