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What is THRIVEX?

The solutions to the world’s agriculture problems- environmental and labor constraints, growing populations, climate change insecurity- requires participation from innovators and resources the world over. We help entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world to scale breakthrough innovations that advance sustainable, efficient, secure food and agriculture systems. With the help of our corporate partners, THRIVEX creates incentive competitions to entice entrepreneurs to take action to develop technology and innovation in targeted areas.

THRIVEX at the Copernicus Project in Austin, Texas

Demand for food and agriculture products will skyrocket in the future as population growth continues along its upwards trajectory. At the same time, our ability to produce will be increasingly threatened by mounting environmental, labor and climate insecurity challenges. The world will need a portfolio of solutions to address it.

THRIVE is pleased to bring you the THRIVEX Challenge

during the festival in Austin this March

The first ever THRIVEX Challenge pitch competition will be held at Trinity Hall on Sunday, March 10, 2019 from 2-3:30pm.

The event provides an unparalleled opportunity for the best entrepreneurs around the world, who are working on solutions in the Agrifood sector, to pitch their ideas to a live audience as well as a panel of esteemed judges from THRIVE-SVG Ventures, Land O’Lakes, Driscoll’s Berries, EY, Taylor Farms and others. These judges are tasked with finding the startup making the most significant contribution to the advancement of the future of food and agriculture.

Why apply?

The winning startup will receive a $100K investment from SVG Ventures and once-in-a-lifetime brand exposure in front of thousands of potential customers, press and media, and influential festival attendees.

Tech Categories


Food is the first step in fixing our healthcare system. As the cornerstone of health, food will radicalize how we treat and manage conditions. It is the most accessible and affordable way to keep humanity healthy.


Logistics is no longer about physical transportation, it’s about new ways to use technology to connect expertise. Because knowledge-sharing will efficiently propel food into the next generation.


Technology drives positive change. We need to harness the promise of technology while minimizing threats, to reinvent food production and consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Food Security

A lack of food doesn’t cause hunger, peoples’ lack of access does. To solve the hunger problem, we need a customized approach that reinvents how nutritious food gets to the people who need it.

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